On-Site Test Administration
September Theatre Rigging Test Administration Promotion

In order to keep the ETCP examinations fresh and current, the Subject Matter Experts have written new questions for the Theatre Rigging examination. ETCP is set to launch these questions September 1, 2012.   To gather the statistical data necessary to properly score the exam, it is essential that as many Theatre Riggers as possible are tested during the month of September. 

To further this initiative, the test administration fee ( Theatre Rigging Examination) of $675 for groups of ten or more will be waived for the month of September.  Candidate application fees will still apply . 

Here are some key points that you should be aware of when thinking about scheduling the paper and pencil exams:

  1. All three exams may be offered for on-site testing, but the Theatre administration fee is the only fee to be waived. The exams may be offered concurrently or consecutively if you have candidates wishing to take more than one exam. If you choose to give additional examinations concurrent with the Theatre examination the fee is $375 per additional examination. If you choose to give additional examintions consecutively to the Theatre examination the fee is $675 per examination.

  2. Exams that are cancelled less than 45 days before the date of the exam will incur a $350 per exam cancellation fee including the Theatre examination. These cancellation fees will not be covered by ETCP. AMP is very strict about this policy, so if you have to cancel due to lack of participation, please make sure you do so 45 days before.

  3. Your organization must provide a location for testing, and the site must meet the specifications set forth by AMP.If you are unable to provide a site that meets the specifications, please contact the Certification Manager.

  4. Agreements for on-site test administrations must be submitted at least 5 weeks prior to the date of the requested examination. Submitting the request to ETCP as early as possible will help ensure that there are proctors available on your requested date. Your organization may request a specific date for the exam to be administered, but the date of the Theatre examination must be in the month of September. (Please be sure to submit at least one alternate date and give the time of day you wish the exam to be administered.)

  5. Candidate application deadlines will be set by the Certification Manager and all applications must be submitted by the deadline.

  6. Candidates should fill out the "On-site Testing Application" and must fill in the location and organizational information. You many send all of the candidate applications for your administration in one packet, but payment must accompany the applications.

  7. All additional test administration fees and candidate fees must be paid in US Dollars.

  8. ETCP will send out notices to candidates who are accepted to sit for the exam with the location and time of your on-site administration.

  9. ETCP must receive digital photos of the certificants to print ID Cards. Photos may be submitted by the certificants after the exam or a representative from your organization may take photos the day of the exam and send them to ETCP.

  10. Candidates must bring scale rules and calculators to the exams.

  11. ETCP and AMP will send out notices to the candidates with examination results within 6-8 weeks of the exam date.

  12. Should a candidate receive a failing score he/she may re-take the exam at one of AMP’s 190 Computer-Based Testing Centers throughout North America. Notice of intention to re-take the test must be submitted in writing to ETCP along with the retake fee.

Please direct all questions concerning ETCP on-site administrations by calling Meredith Moseley-Bennett at 212-244-1505 or by email at .

Download the ETCP On-Site Testing Agreement for the September Theatre Rigging Paper and Pencil Promotion

Download the specifications for testing room set up